Raising extra for Chestnut Tree House

At Ashdown Park we are always delighted to share wonderful news and this week one of our long-term friends, Dame Lorna Boreland-Kelly held an event at Ashdown Park and raised £210.00 for our nominated charity  Chestnut Tree House Children's Hospice. 

Managing Director of Bokell Associates, Dame Lorna runs this annual team-building event with colleagues and friends. During the day, in addition to games and activities, a Body Shop from home sales representative Diana O'Hagan joined the group. Diana donated raffle prizes and her profits from any sales made on the day. 

Dame Lorna Boreland-Kelly has spent most of her career working in hospitals and social care for children. She has helped to set up Social Care Academies around the country including Croydon, Barnett, Medway, Essex and Wandsworth. 

As well as the donations from Diana O'Hagan,  Dame Lorna donated £50.00 and profits from ticket sales. A close friend who couldn't make the day made a donation in support too, of £10.00. 

The total amount of £210.00 was raised is very important because the Chestnut Tree House does not receive government funding so rely on donations. The work they do in supporting children with progressive life-shortening conditions and their families is amazing and every little really does help. 

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