Q&A with a Wedding Photographer

Darren Charles Holloway is one our preferred wedding photographers. Having worked closely with Ashdown Park Hotel for a number of years he has become a firm friend to the team and is loved by the couples he works with!

If you are searching for your wedding photographer, then please enjoy this Q&A, including information about Darren and his career plus top-tips for choosing your wedding photographer! 

Q. How long have you been a wedding photographer for?

This year will be my 17th year and I am honoured to say I have been a recommend photographer at Ashdown Park Hotel since 2002.

Q. Why did you/ how did you become a wedding photographer?

Prior to photographing weddings, I used to be a sports and wildlife photographer. It was after my own wedding that I decided I would be really suited to wedding photography. With the help and support of my wonderful wife we started our photographic journey together and haven't looked back.

Q. How many weddings would you say you have photographed?

I have lost count of the exact number. It's with great delight I can say that this number is well into the hundreds, and wonderfully a high percentage of these have been at Ashdown Park. I absolutely love working there, it is a magical place. My wife and I even held our own wedding reception there, it is second to none venue-wise!

Q. What about photography is it you love, specifically wedding photography?

 I love to be able to capture a moment in time that will last forever - it's like having the ability to freeze time. When you look at an image it can take you right back to that point, to what you were thinking and feeling, it's amazing.

Q. When did you shoot your first wedding at Ashdown Park?

 In 2003 I believe. Those days I was shooting in film. How things have changed with the digital equipment we have today! 

Q. How different is it working with digital equipment rather than film?

Prior to the digital revolution, photography was regarded as a dark art. Of course, every wedding photographer needs to know what they are doing but back then you really did! There was no looking at the back of an LCD screen to check the shot or playing with settings. 
Digital photography has changed the industry in many ways. I am pleased that I've been able to experience both - developing my skills before the digital age means I had to know how to use and capture light without a 2nd chance and the modern benefits of the digital equipment are just a bonus!
Today, not having to wait for negatives or carrying around rolls of film - changing them throughout the day - is a huge plus!
In addition to this, the advantages in the digital design of albums and processing are fantastic now. Funnily enough, you do find yourself spending a lot more time in post-production simply because you can. So work load has both reduced and increased at the same time.
Overall though, I love the flexibility and what you can offer through digital photography and do prefer it to film.  

Q. How would you describe your style of photography?

My photography has been described by my clients as fun. My style is a mixture of formal, casual and natural photography and my aim is to give couples a great selection of images from their special day. Capturing the important classic points of the day but also those 'off the cuff' moments - full of life, laughter and emotion.

Q. What’s the most fun part of a wedding to photograph?

Seeing a couple happy together enjoying their special day and being able to capture that happiness for them.

Q. What’s the most challenging part of a wedding to photograph?

 One of the most challenging aspects of photographing any wedding day is dealing with extreme lighting conditions. Some days there's very harsh sunlight, others are gloomy and overcast with little natural light. You have to have the experience and knowing where/how to photograph in such conditions.

Q. During your career would you say wedding photography style has changed?

I have remand true to the essence of my style, capturing elegant, fun and timeless images that will last a lifetime. Naturally though, as time passes you cannot help but develop your style as trends emerge and with every couple, you work with you find your creativity flares.

Q. How long does it take for you to edit an album on average?

Depending on the coverage it can take several days, I would say a whole wedding can be the equivalent of a week’s work.

Q. Any top-tips on what wedding couples should look for when choosing their wedding photographer and what questions would you recommend they ask?

Couples should always judge their potential photographer in printed form, look for the quality of images in print first. Photo Images that you see on websites or social media can look great until you see them enlarged or in printed form.

Making sure they are recommended is another key way to ensure a great photographer.

Always trust a photographer that belongs to a professional photography association such as the Master Photographer Association (MPA) or British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP). (I am qualified with both of them.)

Darren's packages start from as little as £995 and go up from there to reflect the individual requirements of each couple including the amount of coverage required, albums and optional extras.

Visit his new website to view the gallery of the stunning photographs: 

Photographed right is Darren on his stand at Ashdown Park's Wedding Showcase 2018.