Neil Sadler - It's a Policeman's Lot

Today we enjoyed the fascinating Talk 'It's a Policeman's Lot' by former Officer Neil Sadler - a superb way to kick off 2018's Ladies Luncheons.

As a retired Police Officer Neil has a wealth of insight and wonderful stories from his years of service that he shares with his audience, highlighting how interesting but also dangerous being a Police Offer is. He also offers the audience a unique comparison between life on duty as a Police Officer from 1970s/1980s to today's heavily equipped modern 'robo' cop style officers. 

One of the first things that you gage about Neil, is that he has a wonderful sense of humour! From the minute he started talking, with a friendly, welcoming persona and an honest understanding of the ways different individuals view our police force we were captivated listening to the serious side of his career and laughing at his anecdotes. 
In fact, he told us all that most law enforcement officers he has had the honour to work with have a great sense of humour too and are really positive individuals - as it enables one to personally deal with some of the situations you can experience.

With his given Sussex Officer badge number of 006, from day one Neil's sense of humour came into play, as he was now the butt of many a joke - 'almost making 007' !

We would love to share details of Neils stories here for you to enjoy and be amazed by, but we don't want to give any spoilers! For those who were listening to Neil for the 2nd+ time, the presentation was just as amusing with snippets not previously heard due to the relaxed approach to his presentation.

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We hope to welcome you to our next event!