National Walking Month

Explore Ancient Forest and 186 acres of grounds during May, National Walking Month. 


Ashdown Park Hotel and Country Club are wonderfully situated at the heart of the infamous Ashdown Forest, (inspiration for A.A.Milne’s ‘100 Acre Wood’) we are the perfect location to visit for ramblers and those who simply want to appreciate and enjoy the beautiful Sussex countryside with a stroll.Kevin Sweet, our Estate Manager has given us his top three walks to help you make the most of your visit.  


    1. Eighteen Acre Wood

A walk up the farm drive towards tee three on our on-site golf course, then along the grass track to the eighteen-acre wood, starts this easy going walk which will take around 30-40 minutes. I like to walk this route in the early morning as there is a good chance of seeing deer grazing on the fairways between greens three and four, and foxes can also be seen strolling along amongst the foliage.   This route is a great year-round walk as there is always something to see, from the wildlife to the changing colours of vegetation and the foliage of the trees. The walk takes you through the woods and then comes out at tee six from where you can carry on along the track next to the woodland pond. At the end of the track you come to Cow Lane, so-called as this track was used to move cattle up to the top fields in days gone by, which then takes you right back to the hotel. 


    2. SSSI Walk (Site of Special Scientific Interest)

This walk is longer and will take a good 40-60 mins. Begin by walking down Cow Lane from the hotel and keep on the track. Pass the driving range and the llama park and walk across the large field where you will get some great views of Ashdown Forest, looking towards Kids Hill. You will also get some good views back towards the hotel and the golf course from here.  We keep the grass longer in some of the fields on Ashdown Park’s estate to encourage a mixture of wildlife and I have seen all sorts along this walk including deer, foxes, badgers and birds of prey. Follow the grass paths that go around the fields and past our Southbank Wood which is a SSSI area. It is an ancient woodland and has a number of very old and large trees together with some rare moths and butterflies which can be found during the summer months. This is a great walk for building up an appetite before taking an afternoon tea or meal in one of our restaurants or lounges. 


    3. Secret Garden Walk 

 This is a slightly shorter walk which will take around 25 mins to complete and is fairly easy going. From the hotel, walk towards the East Lodge Gate where you will come to a road junction then head across the top of the field and walk along the edge and down the track where you will find a gate that takes you in to the Secret Garden (well worth a visit). If you carry on down the track you will come to the east side of the golf course and the lower parts of the estate where deer can normally be seen grazing the rough grass between the fairways. Walk towards tee 10 and you’ll get a view of the hotel from behind the main lake and with the water fountains going you can get some great photos.


If you’re looking for a rambling escape to celebrate National Walking Month book a stay with us, try out Kevins walks and experience the beauty of Ashdown Forest for yourself.


When you visit us be sure to visit our concierge team, who will be able to provide youw tih additional walking maps, allowing you to venture event further and explore the whole of our estate with ease. 


Remember, we welcome children and we are dog friendly, so bring everyone and make precious memories this May.Book an overnight stay, CLICK HERE for more information.