Kevin Sweet's March Gardening Blog

Monthly Going-ons

I am sure that all of us are fed up with the awful weather that we have had over the past month or so. The high winds have caused a few of our tree stock to fall - luckily with limited damage. The glasshouse in the Walled Garden also took some damage with some of the glazing being broken throughout the month. However, we are all looking forward to dryer and warmer days so we can get out and start preparing for the summer months. In all my years at Ashdown Park I do not remember such a wet winter, I wonder if we will have a drought this year. As the saying goes “Spring stands at the gate with her finger on the latch”.

Wildlife in the Park

Due to current weather conditions we have been limited in the work we can do around the grounds, but this has not stopped us keeping busy. Seb, a member of our brilliant Estate team, has made a new duck house for our woodland pond. If you get the chance pop down and take a look, it has a few extra features! I am seeing more well-groomed foxes around the ground and a few even have the same routine and can be spotted in the same place at the same time each day. Also, a few of our bird boxes are being investigated by the birds which is a good sign spring is not far away.

Garden Tips

1. A general fertiliser can be applied to borders

2. Deadhead spring bulbs regularly

3. Good time to plant roses and other perennials

4. Mulch borders with compost or wood bark

5. Finish off cleaning up remaining growth from herbaceous plants

Happy Gardening,
Kevin Sweet