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With the exciting launch of our new website we apologise for the delay of our blog, normal service has now resumed. 

We have just finished changing over all of our Summer bedding plant displays for our Winter-into-Spring plants. I always feel slightly sad that the plants which have provided us with so much colour and delight over the Summer go onto the compost heap. 
Although the weather has turned and we are now in Winter we still have lots of Autumnal colour on show across the estate. With such a wide variety of trees, we are treated to red and golden hues from September through to December; the only thing is, all those leaves need collecting!  

In addition to changing bedding plants we have been making a note of foliage perfect for cutting and using in displays around Ashdown Park Hotel at Christmas, and to include in our Christmas Table Decoration Workshop on 23rd November. 
Whilst on the topic of decorations: The time of year is nearly upon us when we have many varying sizes of Christmas trees to put up and decorate. These are externally sourced, not from the estate - some go in the public areas for all to enjoy and a few go into our Master Suites. We also have a red-sea of Poinsettias in the Glass House; each requiring a home in the hotel. 
A lot of time and effort really is put into Christmas at Ashdown Park Hotel, by every department and it’s all worth it. Every year the hotel is one of the most magical places to visit during the Festive Season!  We already have the open fires roaring in our lounges and entrance hall; the smell of wood smoke in the air really adds to the atmosphere.

In case you didn’t know, guests are welcome to visit us for a cup of tea or afternoon tea, or dinner and an overnight stay. Please do come, say hello and experience the festive joy!

Back to the grounds:

As the weather cools we see a flourish of mushrooms appearing and we tend to see an increase in the wild Ashdown deer nearer the hotel, this year has been no exception. I have seen a lot of deer activity around the grounds and with us now being in the rutting season the sounds of the bucks (Stags) fighting for the females. A good place to see them is around our driving range but be sure to keep your distance from rutting Stags as they are very territorial. 

Plant of the Month

Spider Plant  (Chlorophytum Plant)
Grown for its green and variegated leaves, the spider plant is a great plant to use on its own or with other species in a display. They are easy to grow and will tolerate most conditions. 
It’s a good house plant and in warmer months can be used in hanging baskets or containers. 
Easy to propagate, new small plants will develop on mature plants that you can cut from the parent plant and simply pot in compost.


Garden Tips

1.    Start to bring in tender plants or move them into a sheltered position.
2.    If conditions allow cut the grass on a high cut and collect.
3.    Carry on planting spring bulbs (watch out they are not dug out by Squirrels!)
4.    If you have a water feature keep it clear of fallen leaves.
5.    Cut back faded plants including a light prune to tall roses.

Happy Gardening

Kevin Sweet
Estate Manager