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Happy New Year from My Team, Bosun, Jigsaw & I!

By the time you are reading this we will have likely finished taking down all the Christmas trees and wonderful decorations from across the whole hotel, which were so lovingly put up by ourselves, the housekeeping and maintenance teams. 
We dispose of the Christmas trees in the most environmentally friendly way; by shredding them and adding them to our mulch pile. The cut greenery will be put on to the compost heap.

Once Christmas is all packed away for another 11 months we can focus on the planning and execution of our 2018 projects! Here’s to a busy and pleasurable 2018!

Projects we have lined up for 2018:  
•    New landscaping outside of the Anderida Restaurant windows. 
•    New floral displays for the Walled Garden.
•    Improving the paths on some of our woodland walks. 

We welcome you to visit Ashdown Park Hotel and enjoy the 186 acres we have here! There are a couple of very special events planned for 2018 which we hope to welcome you too including: 

Hanging Basket Workshop – Wednesday 22nd May
This is getting booked up already if you would like to book your tickets please do so sooner rather than later!
CLICK HERE for more information. 

National Garden Scheme Open Day – Sunday 10th June
Each year we support the NGS Open Day, with an entry charge of £5 – all of which goes to charity and the opportunity to enjoy some light refreshments in the gardens, the NGS day really is a wonderful afternoon! 
CLICK HERE for more information 

Foraging in the Forest – Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st October 
This is a very popular and special weekend. This two day experience is full of dining delights, exploring our woodland and parkland, foraging for mushrooms and of course relaxing in luxury! 
CLICK HERE for more information.

The full 2018 Calendar of Events is now available if you would like to see what other exciting CLICK HERE to view.

I always find it a real delight to meet our guests; if you have a question about the estate please do speak with myself or one of the team!

Plant of the Month - Cacti

Although not to everyone’s like, the humble Cacti is a very interesting and beautiful plant. 
I started a small collection, from seed, a few years ago and already they are a good size and many started to flower last year. They are great for any beginner gardener as they are easy to grow, and look after. 
There are so many different varieties that there is certainly a cactus to suit most people, yes you will need to watch out for their spines, but some are a little softer than others! One of the greatest things about Cacti is that they are very architectural and add great contrast to an indoor garden or as a stand-alone feature plant.

Garden Tips
1.    Check on any recently planted trees and shrubs - heel in and support as needed.
2.    Check on plants that have been protected with fleece, look out for any sign of rot.
3.    Avoid walking on water-logged lawns and borders to avoid long-term damage.
4.    Check on planted containers to make sure are not sitting in standing water.
5.    Pick up any remaining packets of leaves around the garden, keep a look out for hedgehogs. 

Happy Gardening in 2018!

Kevin Sweet,
Estate Manager