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Welcome to My May Blog

The sun is out and the the garden is looking so good! 
With the talk of some areas of the UK having a drought again this Summer, I do admire the way plants can - in most cases, recover from a lack of water including lawns.

The Estate team and I have been busy putting out the summer bedding plants including all the hanging baskets, they transform the gardens and Ashdown Park Hotel in to a wonderful sea of colour - although it will take a few weeks and some good old TLC before they are all at their best.

The work on the new patio along our main terrace is now completed and looking great! (No more loose gravel getting in to your summer shoes!) 

Over the next few weeks keep your eyes open for the fallow deer which can been spotted around the estate, they will be having their young so it will be well worth a look out for the new arrivals! Our buzzards are also still around and can be seen flying over the main lawns during the day.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at Ashdown Park especially the Estates Team for all their hard work in making Ashdown Park such a special place, now where have I left that watering can?!

Plant of the Month  

Sedums & Semperivum

These are a great collection of plants - both are good 'architectural' plants and can be grown in pots, containers and even in hanging baskets, as well in alpine gardens. Most will enjoy direct sunlight and drought type conditions although they will require the occasional watering.
Most are clump forming and can easily be propagated by removing the small rosettes around the base of the mother plant. There is such a choice of colour and many will flower throughout the year. Please note that they may require some winter protection in very cold areas unprotected areas.

Moving into June, here are my Top Gardening Tips:

1. Water baskets and containers, little but often is better that a lot but seldom, water early morning or late evening for best results.

2. If we have a long period of dry weather raise the cut on the lawn mower to help keep the grass green.

3. Start feeding plants with a liquid fertiliser including house plants.

4. Put hardy houseplants outside in the garden in a sheltered spot away from direct sun e.g. Orchids, as they will benefit from it and will freshen them up.

5. Keep newly planted borders weeded to avoid competition with the younger plants.

Happy Gardening!

Kevin Sweet
Estate Manager, Ashdown Park Hotel & Country Club.