Welcome to My March Blog

Hello Spring! It has been fantastic weather over the last few days, it has even been warm enough to think about getting the ‘shorts’ out! But as I write this, in the last week of March, colder weather is forecasted again.

March 2017

Around the estate we have been making use of the longer Spring days to start the grass cutting and generally being able to spend more time outdoors. Things are moving on in the gardens with a good show of spring bulbs, and the large Rhodedrom on our main lawn is already in flower, this is surprisingly early as normally it wouldn’t flower until May.

Over the past few weeks we have noticed a new family seem to have moved in to Ashdown Park; there are Buzzards frequently seen flying over the valley next to the driving range (five in all) and I think we have a nest in our woods. It’s well worth a walk to the driving range and fields to try and get a look, especially on a clear warmish day as they use the thermals to gain height and search for their prey, around midday.

Before I move onto my Plant of the Month I would like to remind you of the Hanging Basket Workshop followed by Afternoon Tea that I host. It’s always a truly fantastic afternoon and due to popularity over the last few years I will be doing two dates. For more information please CLICK HERE.

Plant of the Month

Narcissus cyclamineus (Tete – A – Tete)

Commonly known as a Miniature Daffodil, ‘Tete-a-Tete’ are great bulbs for use in pots and containers as well as hanging baskets and borders.

Tete-a-tete bulbs should be planted during the autumn to get them to start to flower from mid February -carrying on well in to April reaching amaximum height of around 8 inches. What I really like about this bulb is it stands up well to the weather and provides much needed, welcoming bright yellow flowers during an otherwise relatively bare period for flowering.

Tete-a-tete Top Top: If used in pots and containers, after flowering and the leaves have started to die off, plant them in to the garden as they naturalize well and in time will spread.


Moving into April, here are my Top Gardening Tips:

  1. Cut lawns on a ‘higher cut’ so as to only top the grass

  2. If you have a greenhouse or cold frames remember to ventilate on warm days

  3. Do any final pruning to roses

  4. Prune hardy evergreen shrubs e.g. Lavender

  5. Now is the time to plant evergreen hedges, be sure to water in well


Happy Gardening

Kevin Sweet, Estate Manager