Kevin Sweet July Gardening Blog

Well, the confused recent weather has really helped with the watering but has resulted in the blooms and flowers going over a lot sooner.
With the signs of the weather getting back on track the plants will catch up and start to look their best again in a short space of time.

The glasshouse is looking very lovely and well worth a visit while you're staying with us. We currently have a display of the plants we've used for our 2019 hanging baskets and containers, which are stunning 
If you come in for an afternoon tea on the terrace you will notice all the new outdoor garden furniture, it looks great and is very comfortable.

NGS Garden Open Day

Our open day went very well and we were lucky to have warm weather with the sun making an appearance.
Thank you very much to everyone who attended and helped support the NGS Charity. All ticket proceeds go to the great charity, which in turn donates the money to other deserving charities including Mind and Macmillan Cancer Support.

We raised £900.00! 

Wildlife in the Park
We have just put up some more bee hotels around the grounds supplied by Warner's Distillery, they are very pretty and look like miniature bee hives.

Some of the bedding plants we have planted in the Walled garden is proving very popular with a few rabbits that have found their way into the walled garden, we are doing all we can to protect the plants and catch the rabbits but so far they have the upper 'paw'.

The areas of longer grass are proving great for wildlife and we are seeing many more insects and butterflies around. We have started to see some young deer’s around and they too benefit from the long grass as it offers protection for them.  I have just sown a number of wildflowers seeds including foxgloves and the plan is to plant them in different areas of the ground to encourage more bees and wildlife.

Garden Tips
1.    Deadhead bedding plants and feed with a balanced plant fertiliser
2.    Treat lawns with a summer lawn feed
3.    Keep any blanket weed under control in ponds
4.    Keep any weeds under control to prevent competition with main plants
5.    Take time to sit down and enjoy your garden

Happy Gardening
Kevin Sweet