Christmas Cocktails

With the festive party season well and truly in full swing, it is easy to get swept up and reach for the good old classic Christmas drink staples like a Hot Toddy or Mulled Wine.

For those itching to find their new Christmas cocktail our Bar and Lounge Manager, Tamas Mehes, shares a few of his favourite festive Cocktails available at Ashdown Park to get you and your taste buds in the Christmas spirit. 

Ashdown Brandy Alexander:

50ml Curvoisier Cognac, 
25ml Frangelico,
25ml Crème de Cacao,
25ml double cream. 
Garnished with nutmeg.

Ashdown Park creates their own take on this popular early 20th Century decadent cocktail. This classic creamy cocktail is an indulgent Christmas delight, made with cream, crème de cacao and brandy this makes for the perfect after-dinner delight!

White Christmas:

50ml Advokaat (egg liqueur), 
50ml Southern Comfort, 
25ml white Crème de Cacao,
Garnished with a Cocktail cherry.

The name says it all... This simple and sweet cocktail looks and tastes just like Christmas (imagine if snow came in a cocktail glass!) Made with Egg liquor, Southern Comfort and crème de cacao this cocktail is perfect for those who normally enjoy a milkshake texture or those with a sweet tooth. 


50ml Bailey’s, 
50ml Smirnoff Vodka, 
25ml Crème de Cacao,
Garnished with cacao rim and chocolate shavings.

The ultimate for any chocolate fan, the Chocolatini has become exceedingly popular over the past few years.  This Ashdown masterpiece is made with Baileys, Vodka and crème de cacao. 

So the next time you are visiting us in the Anderida Restaurant, celebrating at your Christmas party, catching up with friends or enjoying a nightcap before retiring to your room why not try one of these festive wonders.