Kevin Sweet's November Gardening Blog

Well, what a month October was, it feels like we had rain every day and night, hopefully, we are heading for a colder but dryer spell during November. On Sunday 20th October we had our mushroom foraging morning and lunch and all those who attended had a great time. Our next event will be our Christmas table decoration workshop on the 27th and 28th of this month. Click here for more information.

Although the ground is waterlogged, we are still busy with seasonal tasks such as finishing off the hedge cutting and leaf clearing. We have also added a new compost bay so we can compost more green waste. We also now have some great autumnal colours around the grounds, which make it well worth a visit. Preparations for Christmas are starting to pick up both inside and out of the hotel, with our Christmas trees going up in the first week of December.

Wildlife in the Park
It has been a great year for mushrooms and fungi as the conditions have been perfect for them. We are still in the rutting season and I have seen and heard a number of stags around the grounds. The foxes I see most mornings are still looking healthy so must be getting enough food. I tend to see them in the same place at the same time so they must have a routine just like us. During the colder months, we will be making up some new insect boxes to encourage more wildlife to the gardens.

Garden Tips

1.    Try and avoid walking on wet borders and flooded lawns to avoid compaction
2.    Carry on planting spring-flowering bulbs
3.    Rake up fallen leaves and compost, as soon as it gets colder they will fall faster
4.    Check plants in containers and pots are not sitting in water after the heavy rain 
5.    Cover over any ponds with netting to help keep leaves out of them.

Happy Gardening
Kevin Sweet