February Coffee Morning

Thank you to everyone who came to our February coffee morning today. It was lovely welcoming familiar faces and some new ones too!
Together we raised a fantastic £145.00!!!

Today's guest was Queen Victoria Hospital's Peanut Ward Matron, Julie. (The Peanut Ward is the QVH's children's ward.)

The Queen Victoria Hospital is well known for its history and on-going research in the treatment of burns. Each year it's not just adults who are admitted but also children. The most common source of burns on children are hot drinks, tea/ coffee. This often occurs because the child has somehow managed to pull the hot drink onto themselves, commonly toddlers around 18months old. 
Positively though the number of children being seen with burns is decreasing year on year, possibly due to awareness and changes in household product development which help to make the home a safer place. 

If a child does get burnt or scalded at home, Julie advised that the best immediate care would be to put cold running water over the affected area for a full 20 minutes - children more than likely won't like this but it will help longer term.
Then to wrap the area with cling film and get the child to hospital. 
Cold water can be effective up to 3 hours after the initial injury. It is also worth remembering that if a child has pulled anything hot onto themselves, the nappy can hold this hot liquid against their skin causing a more severe waistline burn.

In addition to telling us about some of the amazing work they do day to day at the Peanut Ward she also told us about ways they look after a patients family and some of wonderful extra elements for the ongoing wellbeing of children and their families:

When a child has to spend their birthday in the hospital, or their sibling has their birthday but has to spend it with the family in the hospital they have give the child a present to make them feel special.

There is an outdoor play area at the hospital, which this year will be revived with funds from the charity. This area provides an engaging place for children to spend time if they are staying in the hospital, or to help them during recovery.
A beautiful underwater mural will also be painted, on the currently very bare surrounding walls to further enhance this space. 

Outside of the hospital, the team work hard to reduce the impact that some injuries can have on children and their lives. 
There are three camps annually which Children can attend. Two weekend camps and one week camp which has children attend from around Britain.  This gives children aged 7 - 17, the opportunity to meet and build friendships with children who have experienced similar injuries. With social media, these children are able to stay in contact all year round, providing ongoing support and positivity.

The QVH team also make an effort to visit a patient's school or association groups like Scouts or Brownies, to talk to children. The purpose of this is to try to explain what a scar is and to help these children understand what their friend has gone through. The aim of these talks is to improve the ease of returning to normal daily routine for young patients by helping other children to be more excepting and stop any possible bullying. 

It's not just burn injuries and scarring that the QVH and the Peanut Ward deal with. They also have specialist teams for various other injuries and specific parts of the body, including eyes. For these children, there are other activities and day trips which happen that are more suited to their needs.
This year the children with eye conditions will be visiting the Brighton Sealife centre, which is a darker environment - so gentle on eyes, and does not involve activities such as kayaking, which could lead to dirty water and particulates entering the eyes. 

The work which the team in the Peanut Ward and throughout the Queen Victoria Hospital is amazing. We are very grateful that every month so many people join our coffee morning to help raise money to further aid this work. 

At March's Coffee Morning we will be welcoming an expert on the History of East Grinstead. No pre-booking required. It is £5.00 on the day to attend, this includes a hot beverage of your choice and cookie. A hold a raffle too for £2.00 per ticket.