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Welcome to my September Blog 

The days are starting to get shorter and the feel of Autumn is certainly in the air. We are starting to see splashes of stunning gold tones, warm reds and amber appearing amongst the deep shades of the evergreens. 


If you want to enjoy the amazing, changing woodland colours I recommend my favourite view from the top of the driving range, looking back towards the hotel, it reminds me of ‘New England’ in the USA. 
 Over the next couple of weeks or so we will be changing our seasonal bedding displays for the Winter/ Spring and creating our Winter baskets.Our Summer hanging baskets have been good this year, lasting well considering the very hard start to the year and the inconsistent mixture of weather.We also have some exciting plans coming together for next year with a number of new projects due to start; we will share more details over the coming months, watch this space!

Wildlife Watch

At this time of year you are likely to see, or rather hear deer rutting, commonly near the driving range and around the golf course. Foxes, rabbits and badgers are quite easy to spot too before the colder weather really sets in.While you are walking about the estate you may also be lucky enough come across some late tasty Blackberries.


Plant of the Month

Verbena Bonariensis
This is a striking, tall, long-flowering perennial, which flowers from June to October and grows up to 30” to 40”, ideal for the back of borders and large containers. The flowers are a lovely vibrant purple which attracts wildlife such as butterflies and bees. Tall ornamental grasses compliment it beautifully, adding texture and additional colour. Due to the size of the flowers, Verbena Bonariensis are great to add to cut flower arrangements. Best of all, it is easy to look after, all that’s needed is a simple cut back in the spring, down to a few inches from the ground.


Garden Tips


1. Clear away faded summer bedding plants from borders and containers.
2. Start to divide large clumps of Herbaceous Perennials in borders.
3. If you have a pond or water feature cover with netting to prevent leaves falling in.
4. Keep cutting your lawn s cut until the first frost and, feed with an autumn lawn fertiliser.
5. Finish off cutting hedges and trim any topiary.



Happy Gardening


Kevin Sweet


Estate Manager 

Oct 2017