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This time of year is seen by many as a quiet time for work in the garden. As any gardener knows there is always something to do. During the next few weeks it’s a good chance to catch up on all those little jobs that you did not have time to do during the summer. We are currently cleaning up around the garden and grounds and cutting back the woodland paths.

Looking back on this time last year we were clearing snow and the ground was so frozen it was like rock! This year is the complete opposite. We have already done our first grass cut to some of the grassed areas. Whilst working around the grounds I have noticed we have a few roses in bud, spring bulbs in bloom and deciduous trees starting to show signs of leaf.

In the glasshouse we have sown our first seeds of the year with Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Ornamental Rice and Ornamental Banana. We are also looking forward to holding our first Hanging Basket Master class later in May.

With it being so mild the deer are enjoying grazing on the lush green grass around the grounds, last winter they had a very difficult time, it looks like they are making the best of it now!

Kevin Sweet, Estate Manager -  20th January 2012

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